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We are committed to providing the best products and services to help keep your home warm and comfortable.

We offer a complete home heating service you can rely on to keep your heating system running safely and efficiently all year round.

Your boiler is as a sophisticated piece of equipment as is the engine of your car. To keep a car in good running order it requires regular servicing and so does your boiler.

Having your boiler serviced is by far more convenient as an engineer comes to your home, causing you minimum disruption. To remain efficient your boiler needs to be inspected, cleaned and adjusted regularly - in most cases only once a year. This service will usually pay for itself in the economies that result from making sure your boiler continues to work efficiently.

Are you sure you can rely on your heating system?

It is not always noticeable when a boiler is running below its best. But a dirty boiler, with worn nozzle and poor combustion setting, can be upto 25% lower in efficiency than a clean one with properly working parts. In a year a clean boiler could save you upto 25% off your fuel bills. Inefficient running also increases the chance of boiler failure, which can lead to large repair cost. It makes sense to have your boiler serviced every year to keep it safe and ensure it operates in peak condition.

Why have your boiler serviced regularly?

To safeguard your system against expensive and inconvenient breakdowns.To maximise efficiency - well maintained boilers use less fuel and save you money

  • To extend the useful life of your boiler
  • To reduce fumes and emissions
  • helping you and the environment.

Keeping your heating system running smoothly with Manx Petroleum - What's involved?

Routine service of your oil-fired boiler (and some cookers). This will include a thorough cleaning, combustion efficiency check and any essential replacement parts will be fitted. Emergency callout service to attend breakdowns wherever possible within 24hours of receiving your call. Detailed record keeping, and a reminder when your annual service becomes due. Warranty work can usually be carried out, but we need to know your boiler is still under warranty if you are using us for the first time.

Our Annual Maintenance Agreement offers comprehensive annual maintenance for your home's heating system.

Why choose us?

Manx Petroleum are the longest established oil boiler maintainance company in the Isle of Man.We have a team of OFTEC trained engineers who specialise in oil-fired heating systems and are experienced and dedicated to offering you personal local service. Appointments are arranged to suit you. We make your life easier by keeping a record of your details and sending you a reminder for your annual service agreement renewal. In addition to its competitive cost, the Manx Petroleum Contract Maintenance Plan can be paid for as part of your Budget Account for fuel, which makes it even more affordable. You can spread the cost over 12 months without interest charge.

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Maintaining a safe, well-tuned heating system has never been easier. So enjoy peace of mind and trouble-free heating by choosing the solution that's right for you.